Funding Hate

Since 2012, Arizona taxpayers have sent $1,013,438.00 to Alliance Defending Freedom (formerly known as Alliance Defense Fund) to fund their discriminatory agenda. This money has come from the sale of nearly 60,000 “In God We Trust” license plates to state drivers. Arizona taxpayers have given ADF over $1 million of their money without appropriate disclosure from the state’s Motor Vehicle Division.


No Disclosure

This data was made available to local and national religious equality and civil rights advocates after an open records request.

The Arizona Department of Transportation’s Motor Vehicle Services Division does not disclose the destination of the $17 fee to purchase “In God We Trust” license plates.

The DOT only claims that the fee “goes to promote the national motto ‘In God We Trust.’”

Arizona State Sen. Juan Mendez has proposed SB 1462, a bill that will require the DOT to disclose what organizations are receiving taxpayer money through the specialty plate program. Taxpayers deserve to know exactly where their money is going.