Attacks on Reproductive Healthcare

Alliance Defending Freedom is working nationwide to limit access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare, including contraception.


Denying Access

Alliance Defending Freedom has coordinated directly with the Department of Health and Human Services to develop policies to deny women and others access to health care.

They have helped states terminate Planned Parenthood as a healthcare provider for Medicaid beneficiaries, who seek to exercise their statutory rights to obtain family planning or other health care services.

ADF has been instrumental in launching at least 18 legal challenges to the Affordable Care Act’s contraceptive coverage provision on behalf of colleges, universities, businesses and nonprofit groups that had religious objections to the rule, and winning 17 of those so far.

Attacking Abortion Rights

Alliance Defending Freedom defended protesters who demonstrate and harass women outside abortion clinics in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts, including a Supreme Court victory in 2014.

They have advocated for Arizona’s ban on abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

ADF has fought against laws requiring healthcare providers to give pregnant women all of their legally available healthcare options, including prenatal care and abortion care.